Indonesian Lesson

Indonesian Lesson – What You Need to Know


What kind of Indonesian lesson do you really need? Each individual requires unique and different Indonesian lesson to suit each individual’s needs. Therefore it is really necessary to let your Indonesian teacher know just what sort of lesson do you actually need, whether you want to focus more on improving your speaking and listening skills or whether you want to focus more on your writing skills.

For intermediate and advanced learners, it is also required for you to inform your tutor if you want to focus more on a special topic, whether it is economics, science, politics, or even business conversation. The teacher can later have placement test for the students who have learned Indonesian language before so that they can have a general idea of what kind of Indonesian lesson suitable for each student. The teacher must be sure that the lessons given are not too easy for the students or they will soon become bored and unchallenged.

They have to make sure if the Indonesian lesson given is appropriate according to the students’ skills and capacities. Be careful also when choosing the materials. A child’s material is only suitable for a child while a businessman’s learning materials are only suitable for a businessman. Never ever teach a business man or a soldier how to sing an Indonesian song for kids J!

If you are a beginner who have never learned Indonesian language before, you can start learning how to pronounce Indonesian words correctly. And the next step you should learn is how to build a simple sentence from an array of words. After you get used to it, you can easily learn how to speak Indonesian language correctly eventually.

Simple Indonesian Lesson for Beginner

After about two to three weeks of learning Indonesian language, a beginner should be able to tell a short story about himself in good Indonesian language and be able to use Indonesian language to tell and ask the time, ask direction, be involved in simple conversation as well as in bargaining process, etc.

A beginner Indonesian lesson should also be able to translate the following sentences into Indonesian language:

Again, the key here to successfully master Indonesian language is discipline and hard work. Remember, no pain no gain. No matter how easy Indonesian language might seem to be, you are still required to learn seriously to ensure the best results. Frequent usage of Indonesian language will also help you a lot in learning the language. Try to always practice speaking Indonesian with the locals.

However if you find some locals who would prefer to speak in English rather than in Indonesian, so that they can practice their English language rather than you practice your Indonesian, many English speakers would say to these people that they can not speak English because they don’t come from an English speaking country. They would say that they are Spanish or French or even Russians just to make the local Indonesians have no choice but speak Indonesian with them. That way you have free Indonesian lesson with them!

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