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Indonesian is easy to learn only when you have the right teacher!

Why Learn Indonesian Language with us:


There are many good reasons why you should learn Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) with us.

  1. We offer flexible learning hours.

    By learning Indonesian online with us (on Skype or Zoom), you’ll get flexible learning hours. As we are available every day, 7 days a week, from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, you can have a very flexible learning schedule. This would definitely suit busy people like you who have to go to work from Monday to Friday so that you’ll still have time to learn Indonesian online by Skype on the weekends. We are also available from 7 am to 8 pm Jakarta time every day. However due to time differences between Indonesia and other cities in the world, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to learn Indonesian between 8 pm to 7 am and we’d be pleased to adjust the learning schedule for you.  All you have to do is install Skype for free and you’re ready to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

  2. We provide customized Indonesian lesson.

    Each individual learner is different from other learners. Therefore we provide fully customized learning materials which are different from others. This is only possible if you enroll in private Indonesian learning with us. As we provide private lessons, we can also provide lesson materials in specific subjects such as economics, medical, politics, military, conversation, grammar, or even mixed of all. Simply let us know what your interests are and we can adjust the lessons accordingly.

  3. We provide fully experienced, professional teachers.

    As the leading Indonesian language learning center online, we provide only English speaking native Indonesian teachers who are fully experienced and professional, who are already in the teaching field for more than 10 years.

More Reasons to Learn Indonesian Language with Us

Trusted by the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

We are experienced in teaching Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) since 1996, including to Australian Defence Force members and families;

Experienced & Professional Teachers

We only provide only experienced tutors with more than 15 years of experience;

Afffordable Course Fee

Our course fee is very affordable, starting from US$15/hour. And we also provide ONLINE lessons on either Skype or Zoom.

What Our Students Say:

bahasa indonesia lesson
Gordon Bennett, Toronto

Excellent teacher. I'm 41 years old this year and I've been learning Indonesian from Indonesianlanguage.net since I was 38 years. She takes time to explain everything fully so I understand, she is also very patient with me, and she is truly the best teacher I've ever had.

Learn bahasa
Huck Twerdahl, California

I've been through quite many other tutors through several different platforms, and none have compared to Silvia's level of professionalism, engagement, and commitment to her students.

learn Indonesian online
Elena, Manchester

I've recently started my lessons with Indonesianlanguage.net and have found the tutor's approach to be very practical, which I truly like, since this approach really matches my learning preferences and keeps me motivated as a brand new Indonesian language student.

Q & A of Learning Indonesian with us:

Nowadays there are more and more English speaking people who would like to learn Indonesian online. They are not only expatriates who are currently working in Indonesia, but also those who plan to visit Indonesia in the near future, whether they are business people, researchers, Indonesian language teachers, or even those who have deep interest in Indonesian cultures. Learning Indonesian language is considered important prior to coming to Indonesia due to the fact that most Indonesian people can hardly understand nor speak the English language. The Indonesian language is also considered as one of the easiest languages in the whole world, therefore it should not be a problem at all for the English speaking people to learn and finally master the language within a short period of time.

Our Previous Students:

Below are more testimonials from our students:

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