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Where can I get a professional Indonesian translator service? What is the perfect Indonesian translation for this sentence? How can I translate these sentences into good Indonesian language? If you can hardly speak Indonesian and still have no time in joining a Bahasa Indonesia online course due to your being busy, you might have difficulty in understanding some Indonesian sentences. Of course, you can always get yourself a good, certified, experienced and professional Indonesian translator. But still even the most famous translator services make mistakes. A few years ago I happened to check some documents which had already been translated into English by a so-called-experienced translator in Jakarta. But to my surprise they still made a lot of mistakes here and there. The translator still even made minor mistakes he shouldn’t have made as a professional translator like him.

After several investigations, it turned out that the translation service company had several other junior employees who were really inexperienced and unprofessional. And the boss himself rarely did the work and he trusted all the jobs to his inexperienced employees! How could such a thing happen for such a long time and no one seems to even bother about it at all?

A professional Indonesian translator must do several tests before they can claim themselves to be a certified Indonesian translator. And only very few top candidates can get legal certificates certifying that they are truly certified and professional Indonesian translators and have the right to translate legal documents. And they are not supposed to delegate such important job to anyone else who barely knows anything about English, let alone translating legal documents!

So the question is: How do I find a REALLY professional Indonesian translator? Simply contact the Indonesian embassy who can later refer you to a professional Indonesian translator service.

How to be an Indonesian Translator

Interested in being an Indonesian translator? What are the criteria to be a good Indonesian translator?

First of all, you must (of course) understand the English language. You are not supposed to only understand basic English, but you have to really understand the language as a whole.

Secondly, you must also understand how to use the Indonesian language correctly. There are many Indonesian people whose English skill is as good as or even better than those people whose mother tongue is English yet their Indonesian language is worse than a fifth grader. Mastering the English language without having good Indonesian language skill will be useless if you want to be a professional language translator.

And finally, last but not least, if you are confident that your English skills are as good as your Indonesian, you have to get yourself certified by the Indonesian government. This is not an easy thing to do and the most important thing you must do before you can claim yourself to be a professional Indonesian translator. To get legal certification certifying that you are a professional English to Indonesian translator or vice versa requires hard work. This is the time when your English and Indonesian language capability is really put into a test. Be prepared for all the possibilities. During the 6-hour non-stop test, your English-to-Indonesian translating skill and vice versa will be tested. If you pass the test, you will be contacted in no more than 2 months. However if you do not pass the test, you may re-enter the test which is usually held once a year.

Now you know that it is not easy to be a certified and professional Indonesian translator. Everything requires hard work, and so is being an excellent translator. However if you succeed, a payment of 150,000 rupiahs per one page of an A4 paper document is waiting for you. That is the standard translation fee done by a certified and professional Indonesian translator. Can you imagine how much money you’d get if you could translate 100 pages per week? How much would you earn if you could get 500 pages a month? Tempting, isn’t it? Happy translating!

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