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Tips to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

by: Indonesianlanguage.net

learn bahasa Indonesia
learn bahasa Indonesia


Plan to learn Bahasa Indonesia but not really sure on how to do it effectively? Below are some useful tips to learn Indonesian language that are proven to work very well, especially for those at beginners’ level.

  • Try to improve your vocabulary.
    This is the most important thing you should do in learning all languages in the world. How on earth would you be able to communicate if your vocabulary is very limited? We truly understand and studying all those new words are sometimes boring and not fun at all. However if you know how to do it well, you can study your Indonesian vocabulary in no time. Below are some tips to improve your Indonesian vocabulary fast:
    – Try using flashcards.
    Flashcards have been proven to work wonders for those language learners. You can make your own customized flashcards manually by using papers and pen or markers, or you can also make your fully customized flashcards online which you can also transfer to your mobile phone so that you can always access those cards anywhere on the go! Using online flashcards sound more interesting than manual flashcards made of papers as you can also use images on those cards.
    – Read a lot.
    Try to read as many Indonesian books as possible. This activity will surely improve your vocabulary as you will always find more new words each time to read new articles or books. Don’t forget to always write down all those new words on your book and study them whenever you have time.
    – Listen to Indonesian songs.
    Listening to Indonesian songs not only can improve your listening skills but this will also improve your Indonesian vocabulary. You will also learn on how to use certain phrases and words within sentences as well as how to apply the grammar within sentences.
    – Talk to Indonesian people.
    If possible, try to talk to Indonesian people by using your Indonesian language. Don’t be embarrassed if  you make mistake as the Indonesians would be happy to help you correct your mistake. Most of the time the learners are shy or scared to practice their Indonesian as they don’t have enough confidence to practice Indonesian. Just bear in mind that if you really want to succeed in speaking Indonesian, you have to do your best to really practice speaking the language with the locals.
  • Study the Indonesian grammar.
    Although the Indonesian language is considered one of the easiest languages in the world, it still has grammar, although the grammar is not as many and as complicated as other major languages. Studying the grammar is essential as this will help you to construct a good Indonesian sentences which can be understood by others. Spare some time to study the grammar if you have time and ask the teacher to give you some exercises solely to improve your Indonesian grammar. You can also make composition in Indonesian by using as many new words as possible as well as try to apply the grammar within the sentences.

FAQs on How to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

  1. How long does it take me to learn Bahasa Indonesia?
    The answer depends on a lot of factors, such as learning frequency, discipline and integrity. But normally you can speak basic Indonesian within 3 months or even less for a 3-times-a-week lesson.
  2. Can I have customized learning materials?
    As we organize private Indonesian lesson only, you can customize your own learning materials based on your own interest. Simply let us know what subjects you would like to focus more on and we will prepare your own learning materials.
  3. Can I have conversational subjects only and not anything else?
    In order to be able to speak Indonesian, you need to be familiar of basic Indonesian grammar and have adequate vocabularies. If you’d like to focus more on conversational skills, we’ll include basic grammar only and most used vocabularies in various situations in order that you survive in daily conversational situations.
  4. I have learned Indonesian before and would like to continue to intermediate class. What lessons do you provide for intermediate class?
    Intermediate and advanced class students have more emphasis on using Indonesian language in various situations, such as retelling a story, translating, listening to news broadcast and various live shows, improving your vocabularies, as well as introduction to Indonesian slang which is used in many daily conversations.
  5. I am a teacher teaching Indonesian language at a school in Australia. Can you help me check my students’ homework or test?
    As we have different scoring systems anywhere, we’re truly sorry that we can’t help you check your student’s homework and test. However please feel free to consult our teacher about any issues relating to Indonesian language, either the grammar, words (vocabulary), pronunciation, etc.
  6. Do the teachers speak English? Are the teachers native Indonesians?
    Yes, we provide only English speaking native Indonesian teachers so as we were all born and study in Indonesia, we follow and acknowledge the development of the Indonesian language, including both formal and colloquial (spoken) Indonesian that only the natives are aware of.
  7. What is your online learning schedule availability?
    We are available from Monday to Sunday, from 5 am to 10 pm (Jakarta time). Simply let us know your city and country and we will let you know our time difference and availability.
  8. Can I change my learning schedule?
    We can reschedule your learning hour if you let us know within no less than 12 hours before the already-scheduled lesson. Truly sorry that we provide no rescheduling if we receive the notice within less than 12 hours before the lesson.
  9. How is the online lesson conducted?
    All the e-leaning lessons are conducted via Skype. You can download Skype for free on Skype.com.
  10. How is the payment made?
    All payments are made via Paypal.com. The lesson can start as soon as we have received your payment.
  11. Is there any placement test?
    We provide written placement test via email for those who have learned Indonesian before. Placement test is not required for beginner’s class.
  12. What is the Indonesian course fee?
    You can check your course fee here

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