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Why They Join Indonesian Online Course


Matthew, a member of Royal Australian Air Force, has joined an Indonesian Online class for several months prior to his coming to Indonesia to further his study. He is so interested to learn Indonesian language that he decides to leave his country and stays in Indonesia for several months just to improve his Bahasa Indonesia speaking skill.

He finds it necessary to learn the language so that he can not only communicate with the locals, but also read Indonesian books and newspaper. At first he learned Bahasa Indonesia when he was still at school. Then when he entered the Air Force, he found it even more important to learn the language, especially when he was sent to Aceh when tsunami struck several years ago.

But since he could hardly spare his time to come to Indonesia to learn Indonesian, he decided to engage in an online Indonesian lesson first before he came to Indonesia to learn more about the language. That way he could arrange his time more easily and he could even have an Indonesian online course on weekends, if necessary.

Teach Indonesian Online

Mr. Philip Butt, another Australian, has also learned the advantage of joining an Indonesian online course to improve his overall Indonesian language skills. Now with his excellent Indonesian speaking skill, he can travel throughout Indonesia with great self confidence. He’s no longer afraid of getting lost in a country where most people don’t speak English.

Nowadays he even thinks of teaching Indonesian language to university students in Australia. He strongly believes that Bahasa Indonesia, or Indonesian language, is one of the most important languages in South East Asia, especially when you have deep interest in Indonesia’s unique culture.

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