Indonesian Language School

Indonesian Language School – Online or Conventional?


What are the criteria of a good Indonesian language school? There are a number of Indonesian language schools and courses available nowadays, either in Indonesia or overseas, including in Europe, Australia, even in the USA. But how do you choose a reputable and a professional one? And also, an Indonesian language school which is suitable for others might not be suitable for some other learners.

But what if you are one of the busiest people in the world who would like to learn Indonesian yet you have very tight schedule yourself? This kind of people should be able to learn Indonesian language from an online Indonesian course or Indonesian distance learning, which enables you to learn Indonesian at your most convenient time and place. You can find a reputable Indonesian language school which provides this kind of distance learning.

Whichever Indonesian language school you choose, whether it is an online learning or face-to-face teaching, be sure to only choose a reputable one. Below are some of the most critical points to consider when choosing a good Indonesian language school.

Indonesian Language School – How to Choose a Good One

Indonesian Language SchoolThe first thing to consider when you choose a good Indonesian language school would be the teachers’ ability in communicating in good English. A professional Indonesian language school must have English speaking native Indonesian teachers who truly understand the Indonesians’ way of thinking in using Indonesian language in their daily lives. This is a very critical point in choosing a good Indonesian language school or course. There are a few English speaking Indonesians who can speak the English language quite fluently yet, to my surprise, they barely know much about their own Indonesian language.

There are also some native Indonesian teachers who can hardly speak English. This would be a hindrance in teaching the Indonesian language to English speaking people if they can not communicate their idea in English.

The second thing to consider when choosing a good Indonesian language school or course would be to decide whether you would like to enroll as a group or in a private class. For beginners who have never learned Indonesian at all, I would strongly suggest that you take a private class instead of as a group. Therefore avoid joining an Indonesian learning group, especially those with a large number of learners. This way you will safe a lot of your valuable time.

However for advanced learners, it would be a good idea if you would like to join a group of other learners with the same level of competence so that you can also learn the mistakes that others make during the learning session.

The third thing to consider is to make sure that the Indonesian language school you choose also teach you colloquial words. This would be beneficial especially if you intend to be able to communicate with the locals. I have heard many learners who complain that they can still find it very difficult to understand daily conversation or Indonesian movies. This is because almost all Indonesians use Indonesian slang or colloquial when communicating with others. That is why it is very important to learn the colloquial or slang Indonesian as well if you intend to be able to speak with the locals.

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