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Indonesian Language Courses in Europe


There are several good Indonesian language courses in the world. And each of them offers several different, interesting programs, such as writing class, conversation class, or mixed of both. But how do you choose the good one that suits you best? I’ve found one of the best Indonesian language courses in London and Paris recently,, which charges you reasonable cost for such excellent services that they provide. And they also have quite many professional Indonesian teachers to help you learn Indonesian language in a more flexible way than most traditional Indonesian courses do.

Indonesian Language Course
Indonesian Language Course

The interesting thing about this fact is that most Indonesian language courses overseas are not run by the Indonesians themselves. But rather they are run either by Europeans or Malays who know more about the importance of learning Indonesian language for some English speakers and are very knowledgeable about how to ‘market’ their Indonesian courses to those English speakers.

How to Choose the Best Indonesian Language Courses

Just like any other Indonesian language courses in Indonesia, the first thing you must be sure of when choosing which Indonesian courses suit you best is to see if the teachers are experienced and highly professional. You can know these facts by asking if they are all certified teachers or not. Why do you have to check their certification? It is because nowadays there are so many unskilled Indonesians who claim themselves to be professional teachers, especially in financial crisis like it is.

Secondly, you can see their professionalism by checking their English fluency. There are many Indonesians who consider themselves to be Indonesian teachers yet they can even hardly understand or speak good English. You can know their English speaking ability by asking them questions in English and see how their responses are. Good Indonesian language courses are supposed to only hire English speaking Indonesian teachers.

Another way to check their professionalism is to see if they appreciate your time and money. Beware of any Indonesian language courses which don’t seem to appreciate your time by coming to your office late or forget about the learning-teaching schedule for whatsoever reasons.

Thirdly, be sure that the so-called-Indonesian teachers really know how to transfer their knowledge in good English. Why should you have an English speaking teacher if he can not answer your questions well?

Indonesian Language Courses – Private or Group


After you find a good Indonesian school, you might be wondering if you should enroll in private class or group class or even online class. It is highly suggested that you enroll in a private class rather than a group. It is because when you take a private class, your teacher could focus more on improving your Bahasa Indonesia speaking skills more effectively. In a group class, the teachers do not have more time to just focus on just one student, and therefore sometimes it is much cheaper to take a group class. But if you want to succeed in improving your overall Indonesian language skills within a short period of time, it is recommended to take private class instead of group.

Private classes in Indonesian language courses also tend to be more serious than just traditional Indonesian schools therefore your Indonesian language skills will improve more in private Indonesian courses.

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