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How to Learn Indonesian Language the Easy Way!

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There are many ways to learn Indonesian language, and you can choose whether it is the easy way or the not-so-easy way. It is very essential that when you learn Indonesian language, you try to memorize some commonly used phrases, especially those mostly used in daily conversation. Forget about the grammar first. Once you have memorized some important phrases and try to use them in daily conversation, you will soon feel the ‘sense’ of Indonesian grammar and you will soon acknowledge how the language flows naturally. This is the best and the most natural way to learn Indonesian language. One common mistake that some Indonesian learners do is that they try to learn the grammar first without ‘feeling’ the language first by try to memorize some words and use it with the locals. Of course, you can also learn Indonesian language that way, but it has been proven to be a more difficult process than if you learn it the other way round.

Below are some words commonly used in a daily conversation, which can be a good start for you who want to learn Indonesian language the easy way:

Learn Indonesian Language Now!

Good morning = Selamat pagi
Good afternoon = Selamat siang/sore
Good evening = Selamat malam
How are you? = Apa kabar?
I’m just fine = Saya baik-baik saja
Good bye = Selamat tinggal
See you = Sampai jumpa
Thank you = Terima kasih
You’re welcome = Sama-sama/kembali
Nice to see you = Senang bertemu anda
Names of Days: Numbers:

Monday = Senin One = Satu Eight = Delapan
Tuesday = Selasa Two = Dua Nine = Sembilan
Wednesday = Rabu Three = Tiga Ten = Sepuluh
Thursday = Kamis Four = Empat Eleven = Sebelas
Friday = Jumat Five = Lima Twelve = Dua belas
Saturday = Sabtu Six = Enam Thirteen = Tiga belas
Sunday = Minggu Seven = tujuh Twenty = Dua puluh

How to Learn Bahasa Indonesia Correctly

What is the best and correct way to learn Indonesian language so that I can communicate with the locals pretty quickly? And how can I do that? Those are the mostly asked questions so far by the Indonesian learners. It is widely known that you use hardly any grammar in the Indonesian language conversation. As long as you know the KEY to arrange words into a sentence, you can make good sentences, and even a paragraph. It’s just that simple. Even if you intend to learn the grammar as well, try to learn it in the later stage, it is because the real Indonesian grammar can be confusing for English speakers to understand. So the bottom line is when you learn Indonesian language, try to know and familiar with some Indonesian words first, and later you can learn the Indonesian grammar in the later process.

It is the teacher’s job to guide and direct the student so that the student can be later on his/her own to develop his/her Indonesian language skill by practicing his/her Indonesian language with the locals and eventually be able to speak Indonesian better and better. After you learn Indonesian language for around 3 months, if you learn it really seriously, you should see some meaningful results within your Indonesian speaking ability.

You know that practice makes perfect. And the more you practice your Indonesian language and do your teacher’s assignment, the better your Indonesian language skill will be. That is the ground rule you must always remember when you learn Indonesian language.


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