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Below are our students’ testimonials about studying Indonesian with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to add your own. 

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I’m glad that I made decision to study Indonesian online via Skype with My learning schedules are flexible and can be done from my own home, office or even during my holiday overseas! I truly enjoy having private Indonesian lessons from the friendly teachers at
– Melanie Piston, Seattle – US
study Indonesian online
I found the lessons really useful, and most of them are related to my professional attitude, how to communicate with clients. 
– Linda Garth, United Kingdom
study Indonesian in indonesia
Lina is a fantastic tutor! I am a slow learner have to study Indonesian at a  slow pace and she is willing to go at my pace. She is very patient with my learning process and always encourages me to keep going. She has also been very flexible with my schedule and I appreciate how far we have come in a short amount of time.
I think now I have the ability to talk in Indonesian more easily than ever before. I become more organized, my pronunciation is much better, and I have more confidence in my language.
– James Douglas, Melbourne – Australia, Student
indonesian study in singapore

I think is an amazing and the right website to learn Indonesian because of the flexibility of the time and the friendly and thoughtful teachers. You have developed a superior method for learning which I find very effective in improving my Indonesian. My tutor here  is very patient with my learning process and always encourages me to keep going. She has also been very flexible with my schedule and I appreciate how far we have come in a short amount of time.

– Joanna Meghani, Alabama, USA

study indonesian in jakarta
I can have a flexible schedule for my  Indonesian study and the teacher is very committed to their students. Also I have the opportunity to have customized lessons according to my needs. After each lesson I go one step further in my Indonesian skills. I also like the idea of taking this Bahasa Indonesia course online on Skype.
– Patrick Young, Ph.D Researcher, Ohio, USA
study indonesian in bali
I’ve been studying Indonesian since a few months ago and I think I can talk about my self better, make up sentences much easier …etc…Thank you for every thing.
– Kirsten Schmidt– Stuttgart, Germany
study bahasa indonesia online
The biggest advantage of studying Indonesian online is surely the flexibility and the possibility to stay at home for the lesson. The time for going to any institute or education college is saved. Anyone serious about learning either formal or colloquial Indonesian would be better off spending three months here than spending two years at university classes.
– Jacob Mindermann– Germany
study indonesian university
It is very comfortable to have lessons at home; It is also really useful to have particular classes with a lot of conversation!
– Erick Alvarez, Switzerland
study indonesian online university
Well, as a school teacher myself, I just have to say that I’m impressed about the way the tutors at work and organize things, which is simple and very effective. I also love the platform you use for teaching, which I had never heard about since there’s so much to learn. I spent a fantastic time learning Indonesian at! They helped me improve my Indonesian skills tremendously.
– Juan Pablo Panisello, Canada
study indonesian singapore online
I’m really pleased and satisfied with the teaching method and also happy with my teacher. It’s like talking to a friend and, meanwhile, she’s helping you to improve your Indonesian.
– Kevin Ceciliano, New York – US
study Indonesian
Highly recommended for all those students who understand that the process of learning a foreign language, including learning Bahasa Indonesia, is a path that never ends and that only practice makes perfect!
– Lucy Vlajkovic , France
study bahasa Indonesia
Flexible schedule with reasonable price. I can really put into practice almost immediately about everything that I’ve learned here. Thanks to the excellent teaching method and lesson materials which I find very useful in my every day’s life. I will keep on studying Indonesian with
– Thomas Ong, Singapore

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