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Study Bahasa  Indonesia Grammar

By: Indonesianlanguage.net

What is the best way to study bahasa Indonesia grammar? Is studying the grammar even considered essential in order to speak the language? Some people argue that because Indonesian language is considered one of the easiest languages in the world, studying grammar is not really necessary. But the truth is that if you speak the language simply by arranging the words based on your instinct or liking, the meaning could be different from what you actually mean. So studying bahasa Indonesia grammar is really important in order to convey  your ideas correctly.

In order to study bahasa Indonesia grammar effectively, you have to study it from the basics, meaning you have to start learning about the phrases so you can arrange the words in the correct order. Unfortunately most Indonesian schools do not follow this very important rule. Most of them just teach you sentences in the form of greetings or simple conversation in many different situation without first explaining how to arrange the word order.  As a result students can’t be independent to make their own sentences and only rely on the sentences and expressions their teachers have given in class. But when they are asked to express their own ideas and opinions about different things or situations, they’d go blank.

study bahasa Indonesia
Study Bahasa Indonesia

Steps to Study Bahasa Indonesia Grammar

There are several important steps in order to study Bahasa Indonesia grammar. The first step would be to learn about phrases, which would teach you how to arrange the words into the correct order. The second step would be to teach you about prepositions. If you do this correctly, you will be able to construct good sentences by using the correct grammar at this level. Your next question would be “when do I learn greetings and other important stuffs?” In this  level you’ll learn not only greetings, but you’ll also be able to make longer sentences which would be more than just simple greetings.

The third step to study Bahasa Indonesia would be to learn the most used vocabularies which enable you to speak more confidently with the locals. In this level the teacher will provide you lots of exercises to help you make even more complex sentences using the vocabularies that you have learned so far.

The fourth step to study Indonesian language would be to learn about numbers. This includes teaching you how to tell times and other varieties of ordinal and cardinal numbers.

Tips to Study Indonesian Language Effectively

Just like studying any other new languages, practice is the key to your success. But no worries! In our class, the teacher always gives you lots of exercises both written and oral exercises to make sure that you know how to apply all the grammar rules into practice. Please don’t forget to always study the vocabularies as these are the main ingredients of any languages in the whole world!

Study Bahasa Indonesia Online

By studying Bahasa Indonesia online with us, you will be able to practice the whole language aspects, including writing, speaking, as well as listening. Our teacher will also send you some audio files (in MP3 formats) for you to practice listening. For those of intermediate or advanced students, the teacher will also provide you some movies for you to watch.

Last but not least, learning Indonesian wouldn’t be too difficult if you spare a few hours a week to study the learning materials and to memorize the vocabulary. What you need to keep in mind is learning a new language takes time but as long as you have the persistence to do it correctly, you’ll be successful in studying Bahasa Indonesia.