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How to speak Indonesian well?

By: Indonesianlanguage.net

How can I speak Indonesian well? Is there a way how can I master the language within a short period of time? Of course, the best way to understand and even master a new language is to use the language in your daily life. But how can you communicate with the local people if none of you speak the same language? It is indeed very frustrating if you can not speak Indonesian at all and the locals can barely understand English. Therefore the only way out is to start learning Indonesian as soon as possible.

Tips to Speak Indonesian

Indonesian language is written in Romanized script and pronounced similar to Germanic alphabets. It is not phonetic. Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian word for Indonesian language) contains a few words of Sanskrit, Arabic, English, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Indian, and other foreign languages, which are all pronounced the Indonesian way. Therefore you might find some Indonesian words which derive from the English words and have the exactly same meaning, however pronounced differently. And this what makes Indonesian language one of the easiest languages in the world. This is also one of the reasons why it is so easy to speak Indonesian, even for those in very early stages of learning.

I have a few tips for you who want to learn to speak Indonesian. If you are really serious in learning Indonesian, it is highly suggested that you learn how to pronounce the words first before learning anything further, such as the grammar or even colloquial which are much more complex subjects to learn. You can find the video of how to pronounce the Indonesian words correctly in: How to speak Indonesian. After you watch the video, you will soon realize just how easy it is to learn Indonesian. Then after you learn how to speak Indonesian, if you’re interested, you can proceed on learning the grammar or colloquial.

Speak Indonesian Now!

If you are really serious to learn a new language, it is highly suggested that you get yourself a professional language teacher who can teach and direct you to master the language within a short period of time. Surely you can learn the language from the locals who barely understand English. But how long are you willing to sacrifice your valuable time trying to understand each other? And how do they explain a specific term correctly in the most efficient way? To be able to speak Indonesian well is the primary goal for every one who is learning Indonesian language. It’s no use learning the language if you can’t use it to communicate with the locals.

Speaking Indonesian should be an easy thing to do as long as you’ve got a good and a professional language teacher who knows each student’s weaknesses and how to minimize or even eliminate those weaknesses in order to succeed within a short period of time. Try to be discipline and you’ll see the result only within around 3 months. If you really want to be able to speak Indonesian well, you not only have to get yourself a private teacher who can guide and direct you, but also to practice the language as well.If you have several mostly used Indonesian vocabularies in your head already and know how to build a good sentence, you’ll be able to speak Indonesian within no time. So let’s speak Indonesian now!

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