Learning Indonesian

Learning Indonesian

By: IndonesianLanguage.net

Learning Indonesian
Learning Indonesian

Looking for a flexible Indonesian language course to fit your schedule and to adapt to your specific needs? Then IndonesianLanguage.net is the perfect place for you who are looking for a personalized, accelerated Indonesian class. Our online course features private (one teacher for one student) classes only so that each student can benefit from the individual attention they obtain from the teacher to learn Indonesian more effectively and rapidly.

All of our classes are carefully sequenced and organized and they are designed to be used as a full course of study. After you take a placement test and set the learning schedule with our teacher, you will start your lessons at the level which is right for you based on the placement test’s result. If you have no prior knowledge of Indonesian language, you will start your lesson at beginner’s class. The placement test covers grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills.

The Indonesian class for beginners is aimed for those who have never learned Indonesian language at all so it enables you to start learning at the very bottom.

The beginner class introduces students to the basic structures of Indonesian and develops the communication skills to survive in day-to-day activities. Extensive practice of structures is also provided which is aimed to quickly boost essential vocabulary for practical communication. Course contents include introduction to basic grammar, vocabulary building, and sentence making. You will also learn the essential phrases and idioms, along with pronunciation at a beginner’s level.

The Intermediate level is suitable for those who already have some prior knowledge in Indonesian. After you finish this level you will be able to describe various events and situations using the more complex Indonesian sentences. You will also be capable of understanding conversation using colloquial Indonesian. You will expand your vocabulary, idioms, as well as communication skills within a variety of topics and situations.

Advanced level is designed to develop the student’s capability to fully understand and know how to use colloquial Indonesian in every day’s life. More practices on story telling as well as writing on various topics and listening to conversations on various events are provided.

This level also enables you to achieve more confidence and greater accuracy in Indonesian. You will learn how to use Indonesian in variety of more complex situations and understand how to read various source materials of many different topics, and last but not least, to initiate conversations and also to give the proper response both orally and in writing.

All of our teachers are qualified Indonesian language teachers who are experienced in teaching Indonesian to English speaking learners for more than 10 years. All learning materials are provided free. All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, a speaker, and Skype software (which you can download for free at Skype.com).

We carefully adapt our learning system to fit the needs of a flexible, personalized and digitally interactive world.

Speaking Indonesian in a relatively short period of time is very possible if you have strong motivation and really do your best to learn Indonesian language well.


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