Learn to Speak Indonesian

Learn to Speak Indonesian Now

For those who want to learn to speak Indonesian, the rules below can help you pronounce the words in Indonesian. Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) is almost exclusively written in Romanized script. Dutch influence is obvious inn the transcription and the spelling. The pronunciation of the alphabet is almost similar to that of Dutch.


(a) in open syllables is pronounced more or less like the a in “far”.

Pada = At
Kata = Word
Bisa = can

(e) When unstressed is pronounced as the mute e in “open”

Dekat = Near
Besar = Big
Beras = Rice

When stressed it sounds somewhere between the e in “bed” and the a in “bad”

Lebar = Wide
Meja = Table

(i) in open syllables is pronounced as the ee in “feet”

Ibu = Mother
Ikan = Fish
Hari = Day

(o) is pronounced like the a in “call”

Botol = Bottle
Kosong = Empty
Roti = Bread

(u) is pronounced like the oo in “fool”

Putih = White
Susu = Milk
Muda = Young

As long as you know the rules, it is very easy to learn to speak Indonesian. Just follow the rules and practice a lot, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking Indonesian like locals.

Below are some tips to learn to speak Indonesian fast:

  • Try to improve your vocabulary by reading a lot of Indonesian articles or Indonesian books for children;
  • Get as many vocabulary as possible and study them;
  • Try to make sentences out of all those new vocabularies and ask your teacher to correct them if there are any mistakes;
  • Try to retell a story in your own words and ask your teacher to correct you if you make any mistakes;
  • Try to speak in Indonesian as often as possible, especially with your Indonesian language instructor.

If you follow all the above guidelines carefully and thoroughly, your Indonesian language will definitely improve. Studying a new language without a teacher is not easy. You need at least 1 native teacher to help you understand the idioms and expressions that only the natives would understand.

We provide only English speaking native Indonesian teachers to help you learn the language in the most effective way. All you need to do is simply follow the guidelines and study hard and your Indonesian will certainly make some progress fast.

Some of you might ask if learning Indonesian through listening to Indonesian music and watching the movies will help. This will certainly help, too. But you will find many expressions and colloquial words used in the music and movies nowadays, making your learning process even more challenging. This will only make you frustrated if you learn the language without a teacher at all. If you have a private teacher, you can simply take note of any new words or expressions you’ve found in songs or movies and let the teacher explain the meanings to you.

Learning one of the easiest languages in the world might seem very easy. But learning the language without the help of a teacher could be frustrating. So let’s learn Indonesian with us now!