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How Easy is it to learn Bahasa Indonesia?

By: Indonesianlanguage.net

How easy is it to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Very easy! Once you’ve started to learn Bahasa Indonesia, you’ll realize just how easy the language is. Unlike the English language, you don’t have to memorize the changes in verbs among the present tense, past tense and past participle. Why? Because there is NO tenses in Indonesian language.What about the grammar? I’d lie to you if I said “there is no grammar in Bahasa Indonesia”. But for you who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia mainly because you want to communicate with the locals who can’t speak English, you still can manage to have conversation in Bahasa Indonesia with the locals even if your Indonesian grammar is awfully terrible.
There is another reason when people say that learning Indonesian is easy. As long as you know the KEY to understand the system of how the language works, and know how and in which situation to use the language, you can easily progress yourself after around three months.

Reasons to Learn Bahasa Indonesian

There may be a wide range of reasons to learn Bahasa Indonesia, e.g. when you are about to travel to Indonesia where most people do not speak English, or you want to earn more money at your job by being bilingual, especially for those working in Australia, or may be you simply want to learn Bahasa Indonesia for personal pleasure or interest, especially for those having deep interest in learning the culture, such as the dances, cooking, and even those who are about to build a business relationship with the Indonesian people.

By speaking Indonesian, you will enter in a different culture with different civilization. It has been proved that cultural immersion is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new foreign language. When learning bahasa Indonesia, it is highly suggested to spend at least a few minutes studying every day. Language isn’t just a matter of memorization; it has to do with the way you think. You may have heard people talk about the concept of “thinking” in a language – this refers to the way that you formulate sentences in your head. Confident and fluent Indonesian speakers are able to make sentences in their head in Indonesian, rather than translating what they want to say from their native language.

However this kind of learning takes a long time to really sink in. If you have limited time to master Indonesian language, you really need to memorize some mostly used words and phrases and try to use it in every day’s conversation.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia Now

This is the reason of why you need a professional Indonesian language teacher at the very beginning which is to guide and give you the proper direction of what to do and not to do to master the language without wasting your valuable time.

How long does it take to learn Bahasa Indonesia to be able to communicate with local people? This is the question that most non-English speaking people ask when they want to learn Bahasa Indonesia. The answer varies as each individual has his/her own language capability and background. For those who are really hard working, an intensive one-month course is enough to enable him/her to communicate in basic Indonesian language. But usually it takes around three months for a new learner to be able to communicate in Indonesian language.

So learn Bahasa Indonesia now and start communicating in the easiest language in the world!

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