Let’s Learn Indonesian Language in Bandung!

There are many good reasons why most people choose to learn Indonesian language in Bandung. Below are several of the reasons why you should come to Bandung:

  • It has better Location and climate

Despite the fact that Bandung is located very close to the capital city, Jakarta, the city of Bandung has gained popularity among many travelers due to its cool temperature. Located on 768 meters above sea level and more than 1000 meters on the northern part, Bandung has become the favorable tourist destination since the 16th century. This is the big city in Indonesia where you can still feel the natural cool breeze without the help of air conditioner. Its proximity to Jakarta also gives us added bonus for travelers who still require all the benefits that the capital city provides.

Being one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, you can also find direct flight to Bandung from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and many more. If you come from Jakarta, there are also a number of transportations that can bring you direct to Bandung from Jakarta, such as shuttle bus and train.

Our school is very strategically located within the city. It is within walking distance to many local, traditional markets, supermarkets, mini markets (convenient stores), churches, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airport, schools, banks and railway station.

  • It has unique culture and tradition

As the capital of West Java province, Bandung has its own culture and tradition which are different from other provinces in Indonesia. This is the place where you can visit the angklung (traditional musical instrument made of bamboo) or puppet show in your spare time. Or you can also engage in some traditional martial art lessons (called ‘pencak silat’). Alternatively, a visit to the Sunday market or engage in batik art could be part of your itinerary here.

  • It has many tourism objects

Bandung is very popular among many travelers for centuries. People from Jakarta and other neighboring cities including from overseas (Malaysia and Singapore) have come to Bandung to enjoy the natural beauty that it has such as the active volcano, hot spring resort, floating market, waterfall, and last but not least, the shopping places scattered all around the city.

  • It has less English speaking people

Having less English speaking people in Bandung is a great advantage for Indonesian language learners. Unlike in many other big cities where many people can speak English, you’ll get very little or no chance at all to practice your Indonesian during the spare time as the locals would love to practice their English too J. Bandung is the only big city in Indonesia where there are only very few English speaking people which will give you a great opportunity to practice speaking Indonesian language with the locals.

The key to master a new language is to practice it as often as possible with the locals. By practicing the language with the locals, you’ll know the ‘essence’ of a language and how to use it correctly to make it work.

learn indonesian language course in Bandung Indonesia

Indonesian language is truly a very easy language to learn. And by coming to Bandung you will not only experience our unique culture but you will also learn Indonesian language from us, the locals.