Indonesian Language Course in Bandung

 Interested in taking Indonesian course in Bandung with an experienced and professional Indonesian teacher? By coming to Bandung, Indonesia, you’ll have the opportunity to learn Indonesian directly from us and practice the language with the locals around you.

Our Indonesian Learning Programs


This program offers an Indonesian language course for those who want to learn to communicate or to improve their communication skills in Indonesian language. At the end of this program you are expected to understand conversation in commonly used Indonesian Language sentences and idioms. This class is also appropriate for those who have never learned Indonesian language at all.

Elementary Level

At this basic level, we concentrate on increasing the learner’s communicative confidence and on developing vocabulary, while also addressing reading, writing and listening skills. Learners at this level will master basic survival Indonesian Language, covering such subjects as: introductions, telling the time, schedules, family, directions, daily routines and activities, telephoning, giving instructions and health.

Intermediate Level

After learners have mastered the communication, listening, reading and writing skills taught at the Basic level and their vocabulary is satisfactory, they progress to the Intermediate level, where they start learning Indonesian grammar and further develop their vocabulary. They expand their grammatical and lexical knowledge through reading and writing articles and participating in discussions and presentations.

Advanced Level

This level caters for learners who want to learn Indonesian Language in more depth and achieve fluency. Advanced training continues from the Intermediate level and the complexity of the grammar is increased. Media used include radio, television, video, newspapers and magazines.

Another program is our full-time experience. This allows the student to live independently and grow as a person. Both local and out-of-state students are eligible for this program.

For further information, please visit:

Indonesian Language Course

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Bandung 40172
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We have several programs available:

Package A: Twice a week lesson, 1.5 hours per session (which totals 12 hours within 1 month)

Package B: Three times a week lesson, 1.5 hours per session (which totals 18 hours within 1 month)

Package C: Four times a week lesson, 1.5 hours per session (which totals 24 hours within 1 month)

Package D: Four times a week lesson, 105 minutes per session (which totals 28 hours within 1 month)

Package E: A total of 36 hours within 1 month


Why Taking Indonesian Language Course in Bandung?

Unlike many other big cities in Indonesia, Bandung is located on high land, making the temperature much cooler (around 18 to 25 degrees) compared to any other places in Indonesia. Therefore for those who are looking for an Indonesian language school with nice and comfortable environment, our Indonesian language course in Bandung could be your best alternative.

As for accommodation, there are lots of new hotels of various types which are within walking distance to our school. Our school is also very strategically located within the city center of Bandung. It is within walking distance to many restaurants, shopping malls, traditional market, churches, and many more.

So contact us now to join Indonesian language course in Bandung!