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Is Indonesian Easy to Learn?


“Is Indonesian easy to learn?” This question may have been asked by millions of people before they decide to learn Indonesian language. And the answer would be ‘yes’ if you learn it from an experienced tutor, who knows which one to teach first and which one to teach later to make sure that the students can progress step by step in a correct way. And this is only possible when the teacher is competent with the knowledge that she has. A language teacher not only must be passionate about teaching the language, but she must also be willing to explore different ways of teaching styles to pass on the knowledge she has and be ready at any time to try several other different methods when one does not work.

Some people still ask the question ‘is Indonesian easy to learn?’ as they have tried to learn Bahasa Indonesia before but with no success. This usually happens when they learn Bahasa Indonesia only from an application, without a tutor or teacher at all. Even after you have your own Indonesian tutor, there is still a chance that you can’t speak the language if you lack of exercises, discipline and persistence. Learning Indonesian language is just like learning any other new language(s) which requires discipline and hard work, without which is possible to speak or master the language.

So why is Indonesian easy to learn? There are several reasons why Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia is considered one of the easiest languages to learn in the world. Read on… and you’ll know the answer!

indonesian easy to learn
indonesian easy to learn

Why is Indonesian Easy to Learn

There are several reasons why Bahasa Indonesia is considered very easy to learn.

  1. Indonesian language has no verb tenses.
    That is correct! Unlike the English language or some other European languages, Indonesian language has no tenses at all. So how do we know if we’re talking about past tense or present tense or future tense? Easy! We only rely on the time signal. It’s just as simple as that.
  2. Many Indonesian words are taken from many foreign languages.
    As Indonesia used to be colonialized by the Dutch for 350 years and influenced by the Indians, British, Chinese, and Arab people, many Indonesian words derive from those languages.
  3. There are no verb conjugations (unlike in most European languages).
  4. Indonesian language uses the same alphabets as the Latin alphabets , therefore you don’t need to learn a new alphabet system such as in Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Korean or Japanese.
  5. Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language is a phonetic language meaning that each word is spelled as they sound.
  6. Indonesian word order basically follows the same word order as it is in the English language, which is not the case in many other languages, such as Chinese or Korean.
  7. Indonesian nouns do not have grammatical genders at all, unlike the German.
  8. Indonesian language is NOT a tonal language, unlike the Mandarin Chinese of which intonation or pitch affects the meaning of each word, which can be very challenging to learn.

According to one of language platforms, Indonesian language is included in the 6 easiest languages in the world.

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