Indonesian Class

Indonesian Class to Improve Your Bahasa


Interested in joining an Indonesian class to help you learn or improve your Indonesian language skills? Nowadays there are several very good Indonesian classes to offer for those who would like to learn Indonesian language from native Indonesian teachers. And for those who are very busy and can hardly have time for themselves, except on weekends, you can also join an online Indonesian class which has more flexible schedule and therefore can easily fit your daily tight schedule.

This kind of online Indonesian class is gaining more and more popularity today especially among business people and office employees. Most of them are very busy and it’d be very lucky if they could find an empty void in between their daily programs. An online Indonesian class enables them to fit their course within their schedule perfectly. Sometimes they have more free time after work. But sometimes they only have more spare time to learn Bahasa Indonesia only on weekends, when most of them spend their times with their family or friends.

Indonesian Class – Private or Group?

Indonesian Class
Indonesian Class

There are two kinds of Indonesian classes, private and group. So the question is: Which one is the better one? The answer depends largely on each individual’s needs. One learner, especially one who has never learned Indonesian language before, would fit more into a private Indonesian class, while others who have learned some basic Indonesian language before and able to converse in basic daily Indonesian, could feel that the group one would fit them better.

However for those who would prefer to take a private Indonesian class, they might have a consideration that a private class would be much better than a group class since in private teaching and learning, they’d be able to gain much more lessons than within a group. It is true. Within a private class, a learner would be able to get more lessons than those within a group. Another advantage is that the learner will get the teacher’s full attention and therefore it would be much easier for the teacher to try to improve the learner’s Indonesian speaking and listening skills.

There are also some advantages if you are more interested in learning within a group. By joining a group, you can learn not to make mistakes done by other learners. You can also learn the wrong pronunciation done by others. Learning within a group is also more fun. You will not get bored easily and the class tends to be less serious. However there are also some pitfalls of learning within a group which is the teacher will not be able to focus only on one student. Therefore it is highly recommended for a beginner to enroll in a private Indonesian class rather than in a group. Another disadvantage would be that sometimes when you are learning within a group, you can not protest nor ask the teacher to skip some lessons which you think are too easy for you, especially when that particular subject is relatively new for the other learners who would not mind at all to learn that lesson. In this case, you will have no choice but to again learn the lessons you’ve mastered. This would definitely waste your valuable time.

Within a private Indonesian class, the learners are free to tell the teachers what particular subjects they want to learn. It is also possible to ask the teachers to improve their special aspects of the language, whether it is the speaking, listening or writing skills, or even mixed of all.

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