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Bahasa Indonesia Course – Choose the Right One for You


For you who plan to take a Bahasa Indonesia course in the near future, you might have been looking for various information regarding which Bahasa Indonesia course is the best for you. However with so many diverse information offered you might be confused on how to choose the right Indonesian language course, especially because one Bahasa Indonesia course which is suitable for your friend is not necessarily suitable for others. So how do you decide which Bahasa Indonesia course is the right one for you personally? First of all, let’s talk about the criteria of choosing a good Bahasa Indonesia course so that you don’t waste your time and money on language courses that do not suit your needs.

Many of us struggle to learn a second language. As children, we learn to speak our native language by doing, touching, smelling, tasting, experiencing, looking and listening. A good Bahasa Indonesia course will teach you in a way that encourages you to think ‘the Indonesian way’. It might feel ‘weird’ at first, but try to get used to it.

Criteria of a Good Bahasa Indonesia Course

Many traditional Bahasa Indonesia courses will teach you to translate from your native language; however, for some people it is far more effective to learn to think directly in Indonesian. Effective Bahasa Indonesia course will therefore deliver commands in Indonesian language, and will involve acting, imitation and doing, using ONLY the Indonesian language. However if you are a beginner who have never learned Indonesian language before, and you have totally zero Indonesian knowledge in your brain, it is highly recommended to look for an Indonesian language teacher who can speak English fluently. So that you and your teacher will not get into frustration when the teacher is trying to explain the meaning of a word, let alone a sentence or even grammar.

A good bahasa Indonesia course will provide you with repetition in a varied format so that it will ‘sink in’ more easily.

A good bahasa Indonesia course will also introduce you to Indonesian words through numerous experiences and media.

Next, let’s talk about something that should be put into serious consideration after you choose a bahasa Indonesia course. You see, merely buying a bahasa Indonesia course will get you nowhere, unless you devote some time and effort to actually learn the language. Even the best and the most expensive Indonesian course will get you nothing if you do not put enough effort in seriously learning the language. This is why after you purchase a bahasa Indonesia course, you must seriously sustain a consistent good learning habit and learn the language every single day, because the best way to learn a foreign language, including Bahasa Indonesia, is to not to learn it for 4 hours a day and once every week but to learn it for just 45 minutes to 1 hour a day and every day in a week, because the more often you are exposed to a foreign language, the better you will learn.

Learning Indonesian language is certainly not a piece of cake, but with the right strategies, the right Bahasa Indonesia course and the right mentality, you should be able to achieve proficiency in a very short time.

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