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Thinking of having a Indonesian course in the near future? Join for an intensive or online Indonesian course through Skype. For those who are staying in Bandung and would prefer to have a private lesson at home or at the office, we can also arrange the schedule to have private Bahasa Indonesia course at your most convenient time.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have vast experiences teaching Indonesian language to foreigners. Most of them are business people, housewives, students, researchers, and those who are interested in Indonesian cultures.

How important is it to learn Indonesian language? It has widely been known that most Indonesian people can hardly speak English though we have learned the language since we were still 7 years old, or even younger, till we were at senior high school. Not to mention the English language courses that we’ve joined. But this is the fact. There are only very few Indonesian people who can speak English well, including those working in some big cities. That is why it is very necessary for you to learn the language so that you can communicate with the locals.

Indonesian Course
Indonesian Course

Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language is one of the easiest languages in the world. Therefore you should not find any difficulties learning the language. And you might be wondering of why you should find yourself a Bahasa teacher. Can’t you just learn it casually from the locals? Can’t you just ‘learn’ the language from your driver, or maid, or even your secretary? Sure you can. But with a professional and certified Bahasa teacher, you will master the language even much faster since you will be guided and directed more efficiently and effectively and focus only on subjects which are essential in daily conversation. That way you will save a lot of your valuable time

More About Indonesian Course

Our Indonesian lessons are tailored in such a way that meets each individual’s needs, whether you want to focus more on daily conversation or health-related issues (for doctors and nurses) or social/political and economic issues (for researchers and businessmen) or even mixed of all. We can also teach you how to write a letter using good Indonesian language.

We have a few packages of  Course, which is the 18-hour per month, 36-hour per month, and 50-hour per month. You can choose which package suits you best.

Do you want to be able to speak Indonesian as fluently as them or even better within a short period of time? Join today and discover just how easy it is to learn Bahasa Indonesia with us!

As our Indonesian course is conducted online, so if you are residing in Singapore or Jakarta or Bali or anywhere else in the world, you can definitely take our Indonesian language course with ease!

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