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Nowadays there are more and more English speaking people who would like to learn Indonesian. They are not only expatriates who are currently working in Indonesia, but also those who plan to visit Indonesia in the near future, whether they are business people, researchers, Indonesian language teachers, or even those who have deep interest in Indonesian cultures. It is considered important to learn Indonesian due to the fact that most Indonesian people can hardly understand nor speak the English language.

Why Learn Indonesian Online with us

Indonesianlanguage.net is a place where it is possible for you to learn Indonesian online through Skype. All the learning materials, which are exactly the same as when you attend regular classes, are delivered through emails. Learning Indonesian online is the perfect solution for you who have limited time and space yet are eager to learn Bahasa Indonesia effectively and efficiently. Online Indonesian learning also enables you to progress more quickly than if you attend regular classes since our online courses are done privately, so that the teacher follows each student’s pace. For those who are fast learners it is highly possible to master the language within a short period of time. “What about regular classes? Are there regular classes available?” Sure. We also provide regular classes for expatriates living in Bandung. Please kindly contact us for more details.

How Long You Should Learn Indonesian

This question might have been lingering on your mind for quite some time, especially those who have tried to learn Indonesian language but with no success. The answer depends on each individual’s skill and capability. Some students have shown meaningful progress only within 3 months, while others might take longer time or even shorter time, especially those who take intensive courses.

When to Learn Indonesian

The best time to start learning Indonesian language is before you even make your move to Indonesia, which is only possible when you join our online Indonesian language course. That way you will have mastered the basic Indonesian language by the time you arrive in Indonesia. Learning Materials All learning materials are tailored to each individual’s needs. A businessman’s learning materials would be different from a housewife’s. And a housewife’s would also be different from a researcher’s. Simply let us know in what aspects you are more interested in, and we will focus on the most important aspects to meet each individual’s goals. Why to Learn Indonesian

It has been widely known that there are not many Indonesian people who can understand English, let alone speak good English, including those who are supposed to be able to communicate in English, such as taxi drivers, waiters, shop assistants, etc. On the other hand, the Indonesian language is considered as one of the easiest languages in the whole world, therefore it should not be a problem at all for the English speaking people to learn and finally master the language within a short period of time.

How to Join Us

The lessons will start immediately as soon as the payment* has been made.

We provide several options as follow:

Package A: Once-a-week lesson, 1.5 hrs per session (which totals 6 hrs within 1 month)

Package B: Twice-a-week lesson, 1 hr per session (which totals 8 hrs within 1 month)

Package C: Twice-a-week lesson, 1.5 hrs per session (which totals 12 hrs within 1 month)

Package D: Three-times-a-week lesson, 1.5 hrs per session (which totals 18 hrs within 1 month)

Package E: Four-times-a week lesson, 1,5 hrs per session (which totals 24 hrs within 1 month)

Package F: totaling 30 hours within 1 month

Package G: totaling 36 hours within 1 month

Package H: totaling 40 hours within 1 month

Package I: totaling 48 hours within 1 month

  • For those staying in Indonesia, we provide direct bank transfer (in Rupiah) which is payable to:
Bank NISP, a/c: 010-110-97335-8
  • We also accept payment through Western Union
  • Or through our secure online payment through Paypal:(payable to jasaritin@yahoo.com)

* Our prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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